Planing Honeymoon In Bali

Planning your honeymoon in Bali

Choosing a honeymoon destination bears some similarity to selecting a mate. You shouldn't decide at random, and what looks good on paper isn't always so. You want the perfect getaway, but you've learned by now that perfection is elusive

Here list to be considered when you plan a honeymoon

Agree on a honeymoon that suits both of your personalities and your style. Nature lovers and adventure lovers will love Bali. Exotic dreamers who love to scuba dive and snorkel will flip for the beauties of Nusa Lembongan crystal clear waters, Gili Tepekong, and Menjangan Island. Fun-in-the-sun personalities will be drawn to resorts, where you can go from a pool to the golf course to a reggae-blaring beach bar to the spa and back to the pool again.

Pick a package.
A honeymoon package might include a cocktail greeting, a fine selection of breakfast, and a romantic candlelight dinner in the villa, a complimentary one hour massage at a spa and complimentary golf cart and greens fees, all for one price!

Be specific when you’re booking your trip, like outline your need and interest to our representatives, specify the bed size, the special services you want, itineraries during your honeymoon, learn how you will be getting to your hotel or villa from airport and specify the time of day you would like to leave.

Get information on what there is to see and do in your destination before you go. Check it to tourism board for brochures and information or browse in the web. Check for the romantic restaurants and things to do

Find out how far away your hotel is from downtown and read about your destination in a guidebook or web. You'll end up having a gorgeous sun rise breakfast at one of the island's prettiest hotels, finding the perfect hideaway beach, starting off with just the right store on your shopping spree; dining in the most beautiful restaurants and dancing in a place with a knockout view!

Put your official documents in order, including passports and visas. Check to your country’s embassy in Indonesia or Consulates in Bali. Purchase travel insurance, if you're not already covered by your credit card or insurance, exchange a few days' worth of currency before you leave and don’t forget to get Immunizations for Traveling

Pack for the honeymoon well before the wedding, so you will not leave anything important behind.

Make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport and to have your home and pets cared for in your absence

Tips to plan your successful honeymoon in Bali

  1. Always to book a double bed room in the hotel.
    It's important when reserving hotels, especially abroad, and crucial if you are going on a cruise.
  2. Avoid making reservations for an early departure the morning after your wedding.
    If you're planning an evening reception, you can be sure you're not going to bed early on your wedding night. A later flight may save you from walking bleary-eyed through the airport.
  3. Don't withhold on your accommodations.
    Your room should befit for honeymooner. The ambience of your accommodation could be the single most important aspect of your honeymoon trip as most of the couples tend to spend most time there. Even if you think you won't spend much time in your room, you'll be sorry if your accommodations are not special.
  4. Set a honeymoon budget
    before you go, agree about what you'll splurge on and where you'll skimp to avoid any possible money hassles en route.
  5. Both of you should be involved in planning.
    This honeymoon is for both of you. If one of you does all the work, he/she'll feel guilty if things don't go perfectly. If you don't take part in the planning, you'll probably end up dissatisfied.
  6. Don't ignore cost-saving travel packages.
    Many packages will allow you to have all the frills you want and save you money.
  7. Don't keep quiet about being honeymooners.
    Tell the hotel, cruise and restaurants that you are on honeymoon when you make your reservations and you would like to enjoy special treatment.
  8. Consult with your travel agent
    A capable agent will help you plan a honeymoon that's right for the two of you and at a price you can afford.